Finance Officer

Can you keep control of the finances?

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Primary job tasks

Are you good with numbers and economics? Are you interested in trade and finance? As a finance officer in the maritime industry you will work with company finances e.g. with a shipping company or a shipowner. Job tasks include planning and implementing organisational financial strategies.

Your motivations and qualifications

  • You have graduated 9th grade
  • Want to work with numbers, economics and finance
  • Meticulous and detail oriented
  • Ambitious

The programme

The programme is offered at business academies and takes 4 years to complete.

You will begin with the 2-year HG (basic commercial programme) and then continue on to the 2-year main programme, where you divide your time between school and an internship in a maritime company.

If you already have an HHX (The Higher Commercial Examination) you can go straight to the 2-year main programme. If you have an STX (The Gymnasium) you need to do an 18-week programme (HGX), before you can continue with the 2-year main programme.

During your training, you have subjects such as sales and service, IT, customer communication, economics, and business etc.

Danish students will receive The Danish students’ Grants and Loans Scheme (SU) when they are at school. You receive a trainee salary during the internship.

Career opportunities

As a finance officer you can work in shipping companies, for a shipowner or another company in the maritime industry. You will have a job with financial responsibility and where your performance and salary go hand in hand.

There are good options for further education e.g. Marketing Economist, Finance Economist or take on HD Part 1 at a business school.

3 good reasons to work within finance:

  • You get a job with financial responsibilities and strong challenges
  • A chance to generate real economic results
  • A salary package that matches your results

Title Finance Officer

Type Professional bachelor degree

Duration 3½ year

Entry requirements A secondary or vocational education + meeting specific requirements

Economy SU

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