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Learn how to work together on managing a modern, worldwide shipping company.

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Finalize contracts, buy oil, plan sailing routes and develop new technologies

The tasks are divided among the players, and it requires teamwork and overview to succeed.

However, the game is timed! Therefore, it is important to be able to keep your head in the game and act quickly. Otherwise time runs out and your competitor passes you by.

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Learnings in the game

The teams are functioning as an international organization. Similar to reality each team will be assigned an area which it is responsible for and the team is the only one with access to that area.

The shipping team makes contracts in order to ship goods around the world and plans the sailing routes. The maritime traffic team is responsible for moving the fleet and finding the best routes. The finance team is responsible for the finances and workforce, and ensures coherence on the team. The technology team buys new technologies that improve the entire team and team offshore is responsible for oil to the fleet.

The game is won by the team that collects most points. The teams gets points through finalizing contracts, buying oil for the fleet, board the goods and ship them to their destination. The further the routes are the more points the team collects. The teams must be able to help each other and coordinate each their contribution. The task can only be completed through close collaboration.

The elements


The technology cards give your team perks throughout the game. It is possible to get faster ships, more ships or a larger workforce.


In this part the team strategizes and buys contracts, which in the end will give them points.


The teams use workforce for alle moves made in the game. The team gets 10 new workforce in each round.


The cards represent the oil market through which the team buys the oil for the fleet.


The winner of Seven Seas is the team with the most points when the time is up.


The more oil the team uses to fuel the ships, the more pollution is generated

Students have played
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The Blue Denmark’s new board game, Seven Seas, gives you a great opportunity to explore the maritime industry in an engaging, fun, and creative way


-Mette Porse, HTX Silkeborg

Seven Seas gave me the opportunity to engage in a more practical teaching style in comparison to the more traditional theoretical teaching style. At the same time my horizon was expanded and I’ve learned more about what I can strive for in my career!


-Martin Lembrecht, Tietgen Handelsgymnasium

The students were extremely engaged and would love to try again. I’ve rarely experienced such a level of enthusiasm in them. Several brought home the brochure.


-Ellen, teacher at Parkskolen

It was a great game, which really engaged the students. Good planning and a great game master.


-Brian Svenningsen, teacher at Assens Skole

The game was exceptionally designed and despite the many rules, the students quickly grasped what it was all about.


-Kasper, teacher at Løgstrup Skole

Practical information

The Blue Denmark offers to visit 8th-9th grade, and HHX and STX in Denmark and engage young people in the learning game Seven Seas.

The game is developed to give young people a look into the many education and career possibilities The Blue Denmark offers.

A speaker, who is a student at a maritime education facility, will have a short presentation about the maritime opportunities prior to the game.

The game requires two or more classes to participate and it can be played without any prior knowledge about The Blue Denmark.

It is free to get a visit from The Blue Denmark and we facilitate a game master the day of the game.


A minimum of 40 students (max. 60)
Two coherent lectures of 45 minutes
One room in which all participating students fit in at once
Tables with room for 5 students on each side, and 10 students at each table. Measurments: 240x60 cm.
A large screen to be connected with a computer.


A typical program for the day will look like the following (this program is based on starting at 8am, but we are able to plan the program according to your schedule):

Kl. 07.30: World Careers’ game master prepare for the game in the assigned room.

Kl. 08.00: Presentation w. a student from e.g., SIMAC

Kl. 08.15: Run down of the Seven Seas rules

Kl. 08.45: The game begins

Kl. 09:45: The time is up and we find a winner

If you’d like more information, please contact Nick Zitouni on or on phone +45 41 65 65 65

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