Ship’s Officer

A competent leader in high demand.

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Primary job tasks

As a ship’s officer, you are the commander of major commercial and passenger ships. Your responsibilities cover on-board safety, crew management, planning of voyages and navigation. You are also in charge of communications with foreign authorities when the ship is in port.

As a senior officer, you can also be responsible for the bridge as well as the engine room.

Your motivations and qualifications

  • You have an upper secondary education or vocational training + 4 supplementary courses.
  • A training agreement with a shipping company
  • Ambitions and desire to work with navigation, engineering and electronics
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Willingness to work intense periods followed by months off with pay

The programme

The ship’s officer programme is divided in two parts both taking place at SIMAC in Svendborg:

Junior Officer (4 years) a professional bachelor in maritime transport and ship management.

Senior Officer (about 18 months supplement programme).

The programme is dual, meaning that you trained for two job roles:

  • Master mariner- subjects include: Navigation, management, radio communications, maritime law and security
  • Marine Engineer - subjects include: Mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, refrigeration technology and technical English

As a senior officer, you can choose to focus on only one of the areas or continue with both. During the training, you alternate between school and sailing.

Career opportunities

As a ship’s officer, you actually have two educations in one and your skills are in high demand. You can work as master mariner or marine engineer or contract to do both. You can sail around the world on merchant ships or in Danish waters working on e.g. ferries. There are also opportunities to work onshore at large plants or with a shipping company.

4 good reasons for choosing this career path:

  • Your skills are in high demand
  • You can travel the world
  • No two days are alike
  • Attractive salary and tax benefits when you sail

Title Bachelor of Maritime Transport and Nautical Science

Type Professional bachelor

Duration Junior officer 4 years, Senior officer additional 6-18 months

Entry requirements Upper secondary education or similar

Economy SU and training salary

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