Primary job tasks

As an energy technologist you work as a project manager when analysing energy issues in buildings and industrial processes and subsequently finding and consulting on possible solutions.

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Your motivations and qualifications

  • You have good analytical skills
  • An upper secondary education or other relevant vocational training
  • Ability to work independently

Job tasks

Energy optimization is a highly relevant field in industries, in business and in private homes so employment options are very open.

The programme

The training is a vocational programme that takes two years and consists of several elements. 

You get both compulsory and elective subjects in the areas you want to specialize in. You will also do an internship and a final project.

During training you receive both practical and theoretical knowledge relating to efficiency of air conditioning, solar energy and wind turbines.

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Career opportunities

As fully trained energy technologist you have the opportunity to work with utilities and consulting companies, or you can work in technical departments in both state and municipalities. 

You can also work with companies that deal with buildings and process plants, with architectural firms and energy consulting firms. You will of course also be able to find work in companies that specialize in the maritime industry.

Possible job titles include energy consultant, energy manager, energy coordinator or project manager.

You also have the opportunity for further education e.g. take a Pba. in innovation and entrepreneurship or an engineering diploma.

3 good reasons for choosing this career path:

  • Your skills are in high demand
  • You have the opportunity to gain international experience during your studies
  • You get to work with different disciplines

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