Primary job tasks

As an engineer, there are plenty of attractive employment opportunities in the world’s most global sector.  

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Your motivations and qualifications

  • Proficient in math and physics
  • Good planning and organisational skills
  • The ability to analyze things in a larger context
  • A qualifying education


As part of your programme, you can even target your studies towards the maritime industry. Your tasks can both relate to the technical operation of ships, design and reconstruction or innovation of climate-friendly solutions for the industry. You will also find good opportunities within the area of IT.

The programme

As an engineer you can choose between the diploma program of 3,5 years or a master of engineering, which takes 5 years.

If you choose the diploma programme you can specialise as a ship engineer by selecting DTU's course in maritime engineering. Other relevant study fields include electro, chemistry, IT or manufacturing.

You can also specialise your master’s programme to become a ships engineer by selecting DTU's course in maritime engineering. Other relevant fields include environmental technology, chemistry and technology, physics and nanotechnology, information technology and mechanical engineering.

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Career opportunities

There are many engineers working in the maritime industry, and you can find employment with shipping companies, shipyards, engineering companies, the Danish Maritime Authority or the navy.

You also have ample opportunities to specialise further or be stationed abroad.

3 good reasons for choosing this career path:

  • The chance to build an international career
  • Challenging technical tasks
  • Diverse employment opportunities

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Meet the awesome women in the maritime industry and find out why they decided on a maritime career.

Among others, read about Emma, who has chosen to study marine engineering, and Ingrid Marie, who is an engineer and Ph.d. student at Denmark’s Technical University.


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