International trainee programme with a world of opportunities.

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Primary job tasks

As a trainee you work at a shipping company arranging ship transport of commodities. You use your phone and e-mail, and sometimes you travel to make all the arrangements. Your workday is fast paced, talking to people around the world, having to use all your skills to solve logistical problems and make all the arrangements go through. Expect some travel activity during the training period.

Your motivations and qualifications

  • You must have a trainee agreement with a shipping company
  • Great English and IT skills
  • Interest in working in an international environment
  • An independent mind-set and competitive spirit

The programme

The trainee programme takes 2 years, and you divide your time between school and your training at the company. At the company you work in different departments and obtain experience with different shipping disciplines.

At school and on the computer (e-learning) you will attend classes such as negotiation, communication, maritime economics and law, and shipping. Some shipping companies require you to take the first part of the Graduate Diploma in Business Administration at Copenhagen Business School as well.

You will receive a trainee salary during your education.

Career opportunities

After you finish your traineeship, you are likely to find employment with a shipping company. You will have the opportunity to work abroad, and you can further your education by becoming a shipbroker, do an MBA in Shipping and Logistics at Copenhagen Business School or do a Master in Transport and Maritime Management at The University of Southern Denmark.


3 good reasons for choosing this career path:

  • You will have a fast paced workday

  • Good opportunities for an international career

  • The chance to meet people from all over the world


Title Shipping Trainee

Type Trainee programme

Duration 2 years

Economy Trainee salary

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