The modern shipbuilder.

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Primary job tasks

Ship technicians were formerly known as shipbuilders. As a ship technician, you work in a shipyard planning the construction of larger ships. You also create the large metal plates that are welded and used in the construction.

During your training, you choose a field you wish to specialise in e.g. construction, repair, maritime pipes and design. Your choice will affect your work assignments once your training is complete.

Your motivations and qualifications

  • You have a 9/10th grade exam
  • Creative and good at math
  • Want to work with your hands as well as your mind

The programme

Training of ship technicians is structured in the same way as other vocational education. The programme is divided into a basic course and a main course, and you will attend school as well as doing internships.

When you start the programme, you choose between the four specialties: Construction, repair, design and maritime pipes. All training takes 4 years.

Whatever your specialty, you still get a basic knowledge about shipbuilding. In addition, you follow courses in e.g. installation engineering, ship terminology and drawing basics.


Career opportunities

As a trained ship technician, you can work on and off shore. You can work in shipyards building ships but you can also work on an oilrig, if you want to work at sea.

There are opportunities for further education e.g. courses in forging technology, welding and thermal metal cutting. You can also study to become a ship engineer, production engineer, bachelor of engineering or marine engineer.

No matter what specialty you chose, you have all these opportunities.

3 good reasons for choosing this career path:

  • You can work on land or at sea
  • You have good opportunities for further education
  • You get a great education that varies between school in internships

Title Ship technician

Type Vocational education

Duration 4 years

Entry requirements 9/10th grade exam

Economy SU and training salary

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