HF Maritime

A secondary education at sea.

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About HF Maritime

Looking to combine an HF programme with the opportunity to learn how to sail? HF Maritime (HF Søfart) takes 3 years rather than 2 as you will also combine your studies with vocational maritime training.

Your motivations and qualifications

  • You hold a 10th grade exam
  • Curious about sailing and learning about the maritime world
  • Looking for training that also takes you out of the classroom

The programme

HF Maritime is offered in Frederikshavn, Skagen and Marstal. In Frederikshavn you will be sailing with the training ship Danmark.

Most students live nearby in college dorms, which is often the start of many friendships.

Your subjects include Danish, English, mathematics, history etc. Additionally you will complete maritime courses like sailing, navigation, marine engineering, fire fighting, machine learning etc.

Career opportunities

The programme is a good foundation if you are already planning a career in the maritime industry as it will prepare you for your continued training e.g. as marine engineer or the ship’s officer programme.

You can also take on a job right after your graduation and sail around the world e.g. as an ordinary ship’s assistant. The standard HF exam means that you always have something to fall back on enabling you to apply for other types of study programmes.

3 good reasons for choosing this career path:

  • You get vocational training in addition to your HF exam
  • Your high school years are partially spent at sea
  • You get the options to travel the world once you graduate

Title HF Søfart (only taught in Danish)

Duration 3 years

Entry requirements 10th grade graduation

Economy SU

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