Rasmus Zerlang, 22 years

quote symbol One of the best things about the programme is that from the very first day you are given responsibilities and challenging tasks. See portrait

International prospects and responsibility from the very first day

I have an HHX from business academy KNORD. After I graduated, I travelled half a year to Australia to work and meet new people. Before I started as a trainee, I performed my national service in the Navy in Frederikshavn.

I have been employed in DS Norden for eighteen months. In that time I have already been working in our bunkers department in our tank operation and now work in our dry cargo chartering, where I’ll remain for the last six months of my training.

“I like that the trainee programme allows you to combine studies with practical work.”

One of the best things about the programme is that from the very first day you are given responsibilities and challenging tasks. As you evolve and become more experienced, the responsibilities grow, and no two days are ever alike.”

Facts about Rasmus
22 years

Rasmus Zerlang

Shipping trainee


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New York City


Workday begins

Shipping is the path to an international career

There are mainly two reasons why I chose the shipping industry. First, I have always had a desire to work in an international environment where you get to meet people from all over the world. Secondly, I really like the idea of 'learning by doing', and I get to do both in this traineeship.

My day starts around 9. I often eat breakfast with other trainees. During the day I work as charterer, where I find cargo and vessels for our business in the South Atlantic. Twice a week I go to CBS, where I study HD Part 1 with other shipping trainees.

As a trainee, we do not do as much travelling as our colleagues do. During the training we get the opportunity to sail with one of our tankers. I did 12 days from Antwerp to Aabenraa.

We are often out of the office for lunches or events with customers and partners.

“There are often events outside of work with trainees from other companies, so you quickly build a solid network.”

Work doesn’t interfere with free time

For me personally, it hasn’t been difficult to balance work and my personal life. The days I’m at CBS, there is obviously not time for much else, but I have fun with the other trainees I study with.

In 5 years, I will hopefully work as a charterer at one of DS Norden’s many overseas offices. My favourite cities are Singapore or Rio de Janeiro, but there are many exciting opportunities.

My best advice
The best advice I can give is to explore the opportunities offered by the shipping industry. There are a lot of informational and recruitment events, and I strongly recommend checking them out.