Primary job tasks

As an offshore welder you work with different specialized offshore tasks in forging and welding. You install and maintain metal constructions, pipe systems and engines. You also do repairs and welding tasks.

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Your motivations and qualifications

  • You have a 9/10th grade final exam and at least 02 in Danish and math
  • Interest in work with metal, pipes and engines
  • Motivated to work offshore
  • Enjoy working in teams

The programme

The offshore welder education takes 4 years, and it is only available at the technical college EUC Vest in Esbjerg.


An ordinary smith/welding certificate is included in the education, to ensure you can work on shore as well.

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During the education, you choose between 3 specialisations: repair & maintenance, welding, or automatics & controlling. You also have courses such as English, social studies and math, and you can choose electives like sheet metal work, product development, production, and service, etc.

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Career opportunities

You can find jobs offshore on oilrigs, production platforms, offshore wind farms, etc.

But you can also take a traditional welders job on shore. You can educate yourself further by studying technical management or marine engineering.

3 good reasons for choosing this career path:

  • You will perform challenging technical tasks every day.
  • Good opportunities for an international career.
  • A different work life in the middle of the ocean.

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