Production Technologist

Desirable and technically strong industry specialist.

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Primary job tasks

As production technologist you are an innovator and a problem solver. Your tasks are wide-ranging, as you work with the entire product development process from concept development to final production. You will be working with design, development and construction of plant and machinery, production planning and quality management.

Your motivations and qualifications

  • You can work both independently and with others
  • Upper secondary education, vocational training or admission course to engineering
  • Have a good overview
  • Like to work with IT
  • A creative work approach

The programme

The programme takes two years and is made up of different elements including compulsory courses, elective courses, a project and a final project. When you have completed your training, you officially have an AP Degree in Production Technology.

The programme is largely project oriented. Moreover, you will receive courses in design, product development, design, material production and business techniques.

During the training you learn to combine your knowledge in product development, technical drawing, technical marketing, management and product manufacturing.

Career opportunities

Production technologists often work in an industrial company solving problems relating to production and product development. There are also opportunities to work with project management, design, automation, product development and much more.

You can also work in technical procurement, or you can choose to be self-employed. Other possible job titles include production manager, environmental manager, quality manager and project manager.

You also have the opportunity for further education e.g. Technical Manager Offshore, if you want to work in the offshore and energy industry, or you can take a supplement programme in product development and technical integration.

3 good reasons for choosing this career path:

  • You will be working with the latest technology

  • There is high demand for production technologists

  • You can shape your education in an international direction

Title AP Degree Production Technology

Duration 2 years

Entry requirements Upper secondary education, vocational training or admission course to engineering

Economy SU

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