Merchant Seaman

Practical work on the entire ship.

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Primary job tasks

You are the practical crewmember on board a freighter. You help moor the ship to the dock and unload it. You also have shifts on the bridge as well as in the engine room, where you help maintain machinery. You clean the deck and other areas of the ship.

Your motivations and qualifications

  • You are at least 17½ years old and have a 9th grade exam
  • An interest in life at sea and practical work
  • You want a life with lots of maritime challenges

The programme

Your training to become a merchant seaman takes approx. 2½ years. The education is available in Frederikshavn, Svendborg, Faaborg, and on board the training ships Danmark and Georg Stage.

You will have classes in craftsmanship, machinery, electronics, maritime English, ship technology, safety at sea, and work environment.

During your training, you will divide your time between school and internships at sea.

Career opportunities

As a merchant seaman you can get a job on freighters that sail around the world. At sea, you will be working for e.g. two months followed by two months off with pay. You can further your education by training to become a master (home trade), a master (restricted), or a ship mechanic.

3 good reasons for choosing this career path:

  • The chance to travel the world
  • No two days are alike
  • Long periods of work followed by equal time of paid leave

Title Merchant Seaman

Type Other

Duration 2½ years

Entry requirements 9th grade exam, 17 ½ years of age and a passed health examination

Economy SU

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